MUGT will be much more than just a World-Class Regional Countries research University. Its architecture will create a harmonious yet vibrant home to an international community of students, faculty, researchers, staff, and their families. The central design concept will be inspired by the traditional architecture of the Local Country that reflect the past and future Technology especially in the main fields of the current world issues represented by Agriculture / Food, Agriculture-Tech, Clean Water and Modern Energy Resources. Other fields will show Health and life sciences, improving environmental resilience and energy security, future cities, digital innovation and creativity. While the traditional architecture of the Local Country will be the main theme for the University, the classrooms and department buildings will be a mix of American and/or Western style architecture. A Modern Section will serve online e-learning knowledge and training platform, establishing a resource center and completing curricula design and development.

A Modern Model of a Smart Campus makes life more convenient, and provides useful data about the campus through embedded Sensors across the Landscape. That is through a Modern infrastructure wired with temperature sensors, cameras, microphones, humidity sensors, vibration sensors, and more in order to provide people with information about the physical world around them. Students could determine whether their professors were in their offices, or see what friends were available for lunch. Building managers could use the sensors to figure out how much energy was being used in particular campus locations. It should radically change the experiences people have in their spaces.


  • Collaboration with Industrial Regions

Like some colleges these days, MUGT will collaborate with Industrial Regions for building an outpost and opening an education “hub”. The University will offer courses in these Industrial Region’s offices of Advanced Technology Companies with significant demand for people with skills in technology and science research. The outpost will offer a mix of in-person and online components, and will be aimed at both working professionals and the public. This effort will not require Advanced Technology Companies to invest in building its own campus or excessively pay for educating employees at a remote campus.

This is the Revolutionary trend of creating Professional master’s degrees in high technology education. It is suitable for Companies who had / can create more space than it needed, and are always seeking to increase its access to high-tech talent. The goal is to bring the programs to students not make them come to a campus. A small college campus in the middle of Advanced Technology Companies improves the caliber of employee body at lower cost.

Collaboration with Industrial Regions