Educational System

MUGT will strive to become a beacon of knowledge and information to countries around the world with the most modern means of communication available. The University will maintain the highest international standards. A faculty of prominent and distinguished professors will be the leaders of instruction and research in the areas of science, medicine, pharmacy, engineering and the arts. Moreover, the curriculum will be adapted to the Regional Countries’ environment and broadcast through distance learning to other countries under an international agreement of collaboration.


  • Modern Education Trends

As technology surrounds our lives governing the basis of the way we communicate every day, learning too plays an important part for the younger generation. If we have to compare how a classroom looked 15 years ago, by nowadays education we will find that: Learning has taken a step ahead and become e- learning where the blackboards seem to be fading away. We are presently living in a digital age of learning from microchips and computer CPU’s. Initially it was reading and cracking an exam but today it is mere scrolling down an entire web page for answers. Now we have smart whiteboards and iPads issued across the Globe, which leaves education to leap forward into the future.

MUGT must work towards enhancing the credibility of their certifications. This is possible through offering quality coursework, having proper infrastructure, qualified lecturers and market-driven courses to produce quality graduates and gain employers’ trust.

The University will produce such critical thinkers, intellectuals, conscience-keepers and innovators, who can understand and draw inspiration from the past, live in the present and develop a vision for the future. The main objective is to produce industry ready workers equipped with scientific, technical and business perspectives for a knowledge-based economy.

The university uses all models of Advanced Learning: face-to-face teaching, broadcasting, telecasting, correspondence, seminars, e- learning as well as blended modes with fully computerized delivery of teaching materials.

There should be less focus on building traditional Institutes; and more on expanding high-speed broadband internet that will enable global cutting-edge knowledge delivered to students cost-effectively.


  • MUGT Lets Students Switch Back and Forth Online or In-Person

All students, when they register for a course they do not have to pick either Online or In-Person. Students will have access to both formats in the same course. Learners of all ages will plan to switch back and forth between attending class in person or online, based on which is more convenient for them on a given week. This system would allow students to miss class for illnesses, childcare, or other commitments without having to feel guilty, because they could complete their coursework online instead.

Some students might plan to take their classes in person, but use the online component to review information if they did not understand something. Others might plan to take most of their classes online, but make a trip to campus if they are struggling with a concept and want to discuss it further with a professor. The new model should not create extra work for professors — they all already teach their courses in both formats.

A complete residential and academic compound will permit the faculty, staff, students, associates and their families to enjoy a rich and broad range of educational programs and social amenities. In providing a strong foundation for all aspects of life and work at the University, the goal is to promote the successful social and cultural integration of its international academic community.