fourstudentsMUGT's mission is to explore, promote and apply knowledge for social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development on a global scale. The essential ingredient of this mission is to foster international education and collaborative research and to cultivate their transformative potentials in order to energize innovative endeavors as well as advance knowledge-based economic diversification. The University will further advance science and technology through bold and collaborative research. It will address challenges related to resources of regional and global significance. Research excellence will augment the teaching and training of future leaders in science and technology.

The majority of developing country’s universities  are all based on Western academic models and traditions and universities of the 21st century are increasingly based on the Western neoliberal values and traditionally they Mimic courses among developing country’s universities. Developing countries could make progress in science and technology, if universities stopped mimicking their counterparts in developed countries. They must develop relevant knowledge for their problems. Countries with strong public education systems, including specifically strong public higher education systems, have the capacity to ensure harmony, peace and prosperity among and to their people.


The creation of an equitable and just society also requires an equitable and non-discriminatory education system, where people from different strata of society enjoy equal opportunities to pursue their educational aspirations, to become effective partners in development and to contribute to the development of a humane society. Elitist and authoritarian systems of education do not contribute towards this goal. Market-based models of education systems that rely on financing by students and private players hinder the growth of an equitable education system and a just society.