Supporting developing countries regional integration

Work with a network of institutions in a collaborative initiative aimed at enhancing the generation and dissemination of research related to regional integration, that is: A GLOBAL TEAMING’S mission to incorporate a Modern University of Science, Technology and Innovation as well as research networks.

It is long overdue to activate the huge number of recommendations produced in High Education Conferences and revive curriculums to match the technological innovations advanced by the day. Some of these recommendations were:

  • Stop producing thinkers. We already have enough thinkers
  • What is required now are people who can do the work; People with enough knowledge of the job skills.
  • Teaching strategy should produce people ready for the job market.
  • The increased number of jobless youth in developing countries will continue to double or even triple annually to alarming rates, unless institutions of higher learning revise their curriculum to start teaching on-the-job skills as opposed to academic-based programs.^51AB89A26BCF25948956A8297FD7E8976B62B59A790711F822^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr