Technology Innovation in Higher Education

For the past few years, Innovative Startups have focus on Smart Educational Methods. A Revolution has begun in Higher Education, in response to twenty-first-century needs, through introducing new ways to disseminate knowledge and better ways to learn at lower cost.

Globally, the current system of higher education is clearly unsustainable. The Majority of Education Institutes are in financial crisis; Tuition rises inexorably; Graduates of reputable schools often fail to learn basic skills, and many cannot find suitable jobs. In addition to, the dilemma employers face on a daily basis because of the quality of graduates leaving universities with little or no idea at all on professions of their passion, other than the impressive qualifications they hold. Meanwhile, student-loan default rates have soared.

The invention of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) by professors at Stanford and MIT; Salman Khan’s Khan Academy; the use of technology by struggling historically black colleges and universities to make learning more accessible; and the latest research on learning and the brain are a small band of innovators who are bringing the revolution in technology to Schools of some Colleges, Universities and other Educational Foundations.Technology