Thinking forward

Today knowledge moves with the ‘click of a mouse’. One way forward proposed lately by some Developing Countries is to attract highly qualified Faculty from abroad to return to staff new institutions. With virtual platforms, talented Professors who are part of the global academic community are far better positioned, to use their talents and the assets of the institutions, where they are located to provide support to knowledge-seekers in Developing Countries. In addition to access to such knowledge of Developed Countries, there is a major shift in an individual’s ability to demonstrate: That they have mastered a set of skills and to explore a more developed product that matches the best application or service in the local Countries.

One of the major weaknesses in education in Developing Countries, currently, and similar problems exist globally, is that individuals graduated with the requisite credits based on courses taken for a set period, are unable yet to effectively articulate that knowledge in a productive manner. The shift to competencies states that Demonstration of mastery and not time spent in class is the major transformation needed, particularly in Developing Countries today.