• Training Qualified People

MUGT's goal is to develop students with humane and moral values, leadership skills, open-mindedness, and an appreciation for life-long learning. Graduates are encouraged to employ the skills they have learned from their education at their future workplace. Students are encouraged to become scientists counted among the world's most valuable human resources.


  • Communication with Society

As a new house of wisdom, MUGT strives to become a community of excellence, a beacon of peace, hope, sharing and reconciliation to the benefit of our global community. The University is concerned with the finding and promoting of solutions to the problems of local region, country Communicationand the international community. It will play a prominent role in providing communication in scientific, cultural and social fields. Providing the necessary scholarship support for students in need will be one of the University's cherished duties. While some societies aim at creating a balance between materialistic values and intangible basic human values, MUGT is a University of equity, justice, compassion, caring and harmony as were the underpinning values of the ancient universities in Developed countries.

Even though the majority of Developing Countries consisted of populations with diverse rich civilizations, cultures, religions, ethnicities and faiths, their development paths is still deeply embedded in values such as peace, prosperity and human welfare. The creation of a humane and just society is an important objective of education at MUGT.

  • Involved Administration

To be at the forefront of rapid change and globalization, MUGT will encourage its academic staff, departmental and administrative units to prepare and continuously evaluate plans and strategies. The administrative policy will be based on the development and dispersing of knowledge, the delegation of duties and responsibilities, democratic principles, community involvement, dynamism and transparency. Respect and tolerance for the individual will be one of the MUGT's values.

  • Student Support

The duty to provide the necessary scholarship support for students in need is the most acknowledged strategy of the University.
  • Noble virtue of learning

A driving goal for MUGT is to rekindle and spread the great scientific advancements all over the Regions of Developing Countries that will characterize their existence as contributors to the world technology and production.

These productions will illustrate the immense contribution’s thinkers and researchers of these Countries have to share in the fields of science, technology, medicine, arts, sociology, music, and agriculture, etc.