► Architecture

MUGT will be much more than just a World-Class Regional Countries research University. Its architecture will create a harmonious yet vibrant home to an international community of students, faculty, researchers, staff, and their families. The central design concept will be inspired by the traditional architecture of the Local Country that reflect the past and future Technology especially in the main fields of the current world issues represented by Agriculture / Food, Agriculture-Tech, Clean Water and Modern Energy Resources. Other fields will show Health and life sciences, improving environmental resilience and energy security, future cities, digital innovation and creativity. While the traditional architecture of the Local Country will be the main theme for the University, the classrooms and department buildings will be a mix of American and/or Western style architecture. A Modern Section will serve online e-learning knowledge and training platform, establishing a resource center and completing curricula design and development.

A Modern Model of a Smart Campus makes life more convenient, and provides useful data about the campus through embedded Sensors across the Landscape. That is through a Modern infrastructure wired with temperature sensors, cameras, microphones, humidity sensors, vibration sensors, and more in order to provide people with information about the physical world around them. Students could determine whether their professors were in their offices, or see what friends were available for lunch. Building managers could use the sensors to figure out how much energy was being used in particular campus locations. It should radically change the experiences people have in their spaces.


  • Collaboration with Industrial Regions

Like some colleges these days, MUGT will collaborate with Industrial Regions for building an outpost and opening an education “hub”. The University will offer courses in these Industrial Region’s offices of Advanced Technology Companies with significant demand for people with skills in technology and science research. The outpost will offer a mix of in-person and online components, and will be aimed at both working professionals and the public. This effort will not require Advanced Technology Companies to invest in building its own campus or excessively pay for educating employees at a remote campus.

This is the Revolutionary trend of creating Professional master’s degrees in high technology education. It is suitable for Companies who had / can create more space than it needed, and are always seeking to increase its access to high-tech talent. The goal is to bring the programs to students not make them come to a campus. A small college campus in the middle of Advanced Technology Companies improves the caliber of employee body at lower cost.

Collaboration with Industrial Regions

► Campus Community

MUGT will provide a healthy and supportive environment to aid scientific inquiry and discovery, where the spirit of an international and multicultural Students and Staff will nurture the surrounding community.

At present, the campus requirement for land is in the range of 50 to 150 acres. The campus community will be culturally diverse. The University will take care as well to preserving the environment and conserving scarce resources.

The central part of the campus will include dormitory capacity for students and staff who will enjoy the convenience of a shopping area, banks, a post office and a variety of dining facilities. A wide range of sports facilities will be available on the MUGT campus, including gymnasiums, tennis courts, basketball, soccer and football fields, jogging trails, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Campus Community

► Facilities & Services

The students at MUGT will be the major focus of all services. The Student Affairs division will provide a range of services from general information, to advice and support. Services will include admissions, enrollment management, registration, student services, scholarship and health care.

MUGT’s Technological Satellite Channel, the first of its kind, will show documentaries and reports that focus on technological advancements throughout history, and present how these technologies have harnessed local communities.

The University will create Profit-oriented business development through the collection of incubator projects-- a core sector of MUGT’s mission-- including:

Active Labs of Renewable Energy projects, Banks, a Convention center, Health care, the University museum, Vending machines, Festivals, and a Restaurant.

MUGT will provide modern infrastructure and services designed to support day-to-day business needs, such as:

  • Ultra-modern voice and data infrastructure
  • Meeting rooms with advanced audio-visual systems, plus areas for exhibitions
  • "Hot" offices rentable for short periods
  • Helpdesk and visitor reception areas.
Facilities & Services ► Cultural & Convention / Entertainment Center

The MUGT Cultural and Convention / Entertainment Center will be a spectacular multi-purpose complex, featuring modern exhibit and meeting rooms, and theaters -- the ideal center for workshops and seminars as well as all other types of events. This Center will boast premier convention facilities.

Whether you are planning a tradeshow, convention, corporate meeting or special event, the MUGT Cultural and Convention / Entertainment Center will be the ideal venue. Throughout the academic year, the MUGT community can enjoy art exhibitions, concerts and recitals, cinema and theatre events as well as a variety of academic and social activities.

Cultural & Convention Entertainment Center

Millennium International Museum of Science and Technology (MIMST)

Scholars from the 7th to the 21st centuries are renowned to this day for their vital contributions to science, engineering, mathematics and astronomy. These Scholars changed the way we think forever. The Millennium International Museum of Science and Technology (MIMST) proudly demonstrates the pioneering work of these thinkers and the impact of their work on our moderns.

MIMST celebrates past accomplishments and showcase future innovations by a new breed of scientists and technologists.


  • MIMST AS a Hub of Global Major Research Trends

It is clustered, international and open; and its Resources modalities are changing. Countries do not facilitate innovation and technology transfer directly anymore. It is complicated and integrated. MIMST is showing concepts of cluster resources, regional funding, and truly borderless engagements in research. MIMST will explore and disseminate challenges in other countries to address challenges within local Regional countries.

In the coming years, movement from the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals will-to a very large extent- determine the way Regional Countries will do business, and the way they influence their environment as research and innovation managers.

MIMST will be the hub showing the growing importance of internationalization in the way research is approached and the way partnerships are formed to tackle – in an integrated way – the challenges faced by both developed and developing countries.

        • MIMST Goals

The objective of MIMST is two-fold. The first is to provide basic information about the history and achievements of scientific and technological advancements and contributions in the form of video documentaries and other media, exposing this often over-looked but significant part of history to the public. Copies of these documentaries will be prepared in many languages.

Second, MIMST will use cutting-edge technology and provide a link between major historical contributions of science and technology to current discoveries and inventions. Modern interactive techniques, such as touch screens, moving plasma screens, multi-touch tablets, flipbooks, automated scale models and interactive videos, will tell the exciting story from ancient science to the ambitions of modern researchers. This will show a true presentation of the achievements that have occurred on earth, inside the human body and in space.

These two folds of state-of-the-art presentations-- video documentaries and real life models-- will be the outcome of the best student’s research projects. Exhibits of these projects will be under the supervision of the museum staff. These exhibits will highlight current advances in many fields as:

  • Astronomy and Navigation
  • Technology
  • Chemistry / Biochemistry
  • Architecture
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Life and Environmental Sciences

Open MIMST forms will discuss and debate all Topical issues in science and technology. MUGT faculty and visiting researchers will make presentation also on popular science at the museum.

MIMST will inspire a new generation of scientists to look at the world as the juncture between current accomplishments and future ambitions, and to join the ranks of renowned scientists by their accomplishments locally and around the world.