Facilities & Services

The students at MUGT will be the major focus of all services. The Student Affairs division will provide a range of services from general information, to advice and support. Services will include admissions, enrollment management, registration, student services, scholarship and health care.

MUGT’s Technological Satellite Channel, the first of its kind, will show documentaries and reports that focus on technological advancements throughout history, and present how these technologies have harnessed local communities.

The University will create Profit-oriented business development through the collection of incubator projects-- a core sector of MUGT’s mission-- including:

Active Labs of Renewable Energy projects, Banks, a Convention center, Health care, the University museum, Vending machines, Festivals, and a Restaurant.

MUGT will provide modern infrastructure and services designed to support day-to-day business needs, such as:

  • Ultra-modern voice and data infrastructure
  • Meeting rooms with advanced audio-visual systems, plus areas for exhibitions
  • "Hot" offices rentable for short periods
  • Helpdesk and visitor reception areas.
Facilities & Services