Link with Industry and Education Institutes

 MUGT will strive to have campuses on, and collaborate with structured Universities and high tech Companies with all needed facilities, provided with An Institute - Extension of land dedicated to Incubators, Technology Parks, Innovations Start-Ups and Prototype Projects.

The primary focus for raising capital to enhance education should be to expand and strengthen high-speed broadband internet to all individuals. Education, pre-school to post-baccalaureate, needs to shift to competency-based measures rather than credit based on time in class or on task. People master knowledge at different rates and competency is critical.


Collaboration, globally and across institutions, is key whether it involves researching new knowledge or making knowledge accessible for education. Research facilities are costly and need continuous leveraging. Studies have shown, for student learning, that there is no significant difference in knowledge gained and demonstrated between programs on physical or virtual campuses.

Established universities are finding that raising their research or academic rankings is cost prohibitive. With the ubiquity of broadband internet connectivity, it is becoming easier to build collaborative relationships for both research and education. In an interconnected world, it is cost prohibitive to build or maintain physical facilities that provide the traditional functions of Quality research in all disciplines; fully developed educational programs across all disciplines, and including certification along with community and institutional development programs.


It is far more cost effective to bring the knowledge of individuals to students on campus, at their homes or even in ‘coffee shops’ from selective, globally ranked faculty or through ranked programs than it is to expend funds to bring faculty from across the globe to a central place. These programs can serve many institutions located in many countries, simultaneously leveraging scarce fiscal and physical resources.